To Live Without

A Behind Closed Doors Short Story

As always Erin has achieved perfection with her writing and as you read through her work you can clearly tell that she has a passion for writing, it’s always amazing when an author is able to show you their love of writing through their own words, that is what makes them stand out the most.

To Live Without

The break-taking second chance romance taking readers by surprise!

What really happened between Sean Anderson and Ashleigh Jordan?

The night before Christmas, Ashleigh Jordan stands outside a hotel room, begging for permission to be let inside. She’s walked off set mid-filming, canceled her promotional commitments and abandoned her mother’s big family Christmas, to fly across the country in search of the married man she’s been in love with for her entire adult life. And right now, Sean Anderson neither wants nor needs her help.

In the light of his wife’s betrayal, Sean wants nothing and no one, except an alcoholic fast track to oblivion. But to add insult to injury, Ashleigh won’t go away. Her presence serves only as a reminder that two-and-a-half years ago Sean had been the one on the verge of an affair Ashleigh didn’t turn up to have.

Now that his marriage is over, there’s nothing standing in Sean’s way, except a door.

Will he open it?

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