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"Gritty and honest tale of how abusive relationships can happen. This is a story every young girl should read before committing to a long term relationship. Faith's denial and the way she always convinced herself she was the one that did something wrong are so gut wrenchingly honest ..."

Tainted Love

To anyone in a relationship the words ‘we need to talk’ but to Faith MacKenzie they mean something entirely different. Tainted Love is a raw and gritty story about a woman determined to save her children from the monster their father has become.

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The Blurred Lines prequel you don’t want to miss! 

Seventeen years old, with a blackbelt in Judo, and the daughter of one of TV’s most influential couples, Krystal Valentina is young enough, and naïve enough, to believe she’s invincible.

Until the night she finds out she isn’t.

Discover the real reason behind Krystal’s escape from Hollywood and what it truly took to reinvent herself as Ashleigh Jordan.

Blurred Lines

Running away with her best friends boyfriend is Julia’s best mistake until a serial killer targets her to torment her husband. Then, Wayne becomes unbearably overprotective and her life becomes a prison.

Then her best friend turns up, claiming all is forgiven, but the animosity between Julia’s husband and his ex turns into a power struggle, with Julia caught in the middle. 

Has Ashleigh truly forgiven them, or is turning Julia against Wayne all part of her twisted plot for revenge?

Crossing Lines

Darryl Hawthorne knows the two sides of Ashleigh Jordan very well. He should. She’s been his patient for more than fifteen years. So when Ashleigh turns up in the middle of the night and on the edge, there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to help her.

Even jeopardise his entire life, his family, and his licence to practice psychiatry to get to the bottom of why Ashleigh is determined to expose a doctorate police office and destroy his marriage. Ashleigh’s alter ego, Krystal, is infamous for her vindictive revenge games, but this isn’t Krystal. It’s Ashleigh. And for the first time in forever, the two sides are on the same side of a war against someone else. He ex!

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