What’s in my notebook? Here you’ll find all the detailsĀ 
of my current works in progress.

Behind Closed Doors

Next up in my gripping psychological thriller series is the Blurred Lines prequal you don’t want to miss: The Girl You Left Behind. After that, we return to the next book in the series, with Caleb and the hunt for Cal and his younger sisters.

Forgive or Forget

As I was writing Resisting Rory, I was surprised to find several of my series tie together and bring five families together inside the Forgive or Forget world. Dylan revealed he went to university with Keon McGowan and Adam Lacey.

Winterborough Falls

This fictional small town in Yorkshire is the a hiding place for the affluent craving anonymity. First in this series is Kissing Cole. Cole is a global musical sensation with multi-platinum selling albums having the worst year of his life when he meets local chocolatier, Kayleigh.

The Remingtons

NFL quarterback, Lucas Remington finds himself in Daytona, at the team where NFL careers go to die and up against a female coach. That’s not the worst thing about his transfer to Daytona. Lucas is the coach’s second choice in the team where his estranged alcoholic half brother Thor Hargreaves is their biggest star.

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