“It is possible for a woman to be single and straight and not to find you attractive.”

“True,” Adam shakes his head, “But not you.”

“Oh, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!” I cry, “This isn’t my life anymore. It can’t be. I’ve stepped into an alternate reality, I’m sure.” My first mistake is to turn away from Adam. My second is to rub my fingers against my temples as I pace again. “I don’t wear prissy dresses and go to boring parties because I don’t like them. My best friends do not dump their kids on me and disappear without a trace. And men do not pull me into their arms and kiss me when I’m not expecting it. The whole world has gone—”

I’m defenceless when his hand captures my elbow. He spins me around and takes my cheeks into his palms as he steps into the space between us.

“What are you—”

His mouth fiercely slides over mine.

The fight that had been coursing through me is gone. Surprised and unprepared for such an assault, I’m left stunned, albeit comfortable, familiar even, with the way his lips dance with mine.

Kissing Adam should not be familiar. It’s only happened once before. But the fierceness melts away with my resistance. His thumb caresses my cheek before his hand drops to graze over my waist and pulls me flush against his damp clothes, cooling me and heating me all at the same time. A soft moan rattles against my throat, and I surrender control to him once again.

As quickly as it began, it’s over. He steps back and leans against the counter as though nothing has happened between us at all. The only thing alluding to the kiss we’d just shared is the dark, smouldering heat penetrating deep into me from his eyes.

I, however, have to reach out to grab something solid to steady me on my jellied legs.

“That was pulling you into my arms and kissing you when you least expected it.”



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