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"[Cawood] knocks it out of the park, again, with Enticing Elle! Elle and Adam are so d*mn perfectly imperfect they sear through the ink right into your heart..."

The Forgive or Forget Series

Falling for the boss was never the plan for Elle Richards, but toe-curling lip-lock at the end of non-date date tips her plan upside-down in Enticing Elle.

Keon McGowan never got over the end of his marriage, but Darcy turns his world upside down once again when he’s given just four days to save her life in Deserving Darcy.

Two broken hearts, a bottle of gin, and a jar of chocolate is a dangerous combination for Dylan Cole and Aurora Thornton in Resisting Rory

Resisting Rory

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Two broken hearts, a bottle of gin, and a jar of chocolate is a dangerous combination.

Enduring his parents’ Christmas party is the last thing Dylan Cole wants to do when his life imploded just a few hours ago. Gin is the only way to get through tonight, and the next eight days, before he’s forced out of his home and his kids’ lives. That is, if they’re actually his. Unable to take it any longer, he slips out the back and up to the derelict Windmill at the top of the hill. Only to discover he’s not the only person hiding up there or nursing a broken heart. Aurora Thornton, his brother’s now ex-girlfriend, is just as drunk, just as angry, and just as intent on self-destruction.

Enticing Elle

For years, Elle Richards has laughed at the glamourous women falling at Adam Lacey’s feet. Her boss doesn’t do commitment. In fact, his girlfriends have a six weeks shelf life and he’s guaranteed to break their quick-to-fall hearts.

But after a  toe-curling lip-lock with him on Valentine’s Day is clear Elle is quickly becoming one of them. But it will be a cold day in hell, before this fiercely independent willing gives her heart to another man intent on breaking it.  

Can closet-romantic convince the ultimate commitment-phobe that he’s spent his whole life waiting for her?

Deserving Darcy

Twelve years ago, Keon McGowan met the love of his love. Ten years ago, she left without warning.

Then she turns up his Accident & Emergency Department, critically ill, and refusing life-saving treatment. She has just weeks to live. The anger he still holds over the end of their marriage says it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. His brain says I don’t care. But his heart has different ideas.

I have four days to change her mind and save her life. Because a world without Darcy Davenport isn’t a world he wants to live in any longer.

Stories by Kiara Cawood

Enticing Elle

Original Scene: Enticing Elle

When I first wrote Enticing Elle, I wrote the book in 3rd person point of view. About 18 months before it was published, I rewrote it in 1st person point of view.

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