Its difficult to explain Inspiration. Having the imagination to create a world is fabulous, but where did it all come from?
I think the best and most relatable example I can give is ‘Devine Intervention’. I was sat thinking about what would happen if there was an based office version of ‘The X Factor’? and then I realised there was ‘The Apprentice’ but that didn’t stopped a storyline from unfolding 
… a young woman impresses a company director and he invites her to work for him in head office… Obviously there has to be an antagonist to the protagonist and this would be the male lead. 

… Unbeknown to the company director the vacancy has already been filled by someone who is more qualified and more experienced than our female lead. The director has no choice but to give them both a six month probationary period … as a romance they will hate each other until they admit they actually have fallen in love and then one of them is fired…  
For me, the most interesting character was not the male lead or the female lead, their lives grew and shaped around the story line. The most interesting character became the female MC’s best friend, a kooky woman who lived her life by the forecasts in her horoscopes. Now, the inspiration from this came from personal experience. My stars me to buy shoes in October 2009 Sadly, I didn’t. But what if I had? I decided on a star sign and began reading variations of horoscopes from newspapers, magazines, the Internet, annual forecasts with day by day forecasts and interpreting my secondary character’s behaviour. I also used the week by week and month by month forecasts and built the plot in light of them. She took centre stage. But instead of being a crazy horoscope obsessed character, she became more spiritual, more open to destiny, more accepting of fate. She had the ability to guide others.  Her own story began to develop and then a ripple effect which inspired so much more and what was once dubbed ‘Office Idol’ is now a three part series called ‘Devine Intervention’.

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