Kiara and I go way back. Way before I met Paul. I was sixteen when we met. It was after my granddad had passed away, only the second experience of death I’d ever had and within a year of losing my grandma too.So there I was at my Dad’s house playing with all the little kittens from a new litter. I don’t remember how old they were at the time but they weren’t old enough to leave their mum yet. And there she was. The most cutest thing I’d ever seen. She was all white and ginger and we connected instantly.
Kiara is my first pet, and by first pet I mean mine. Not the one my parents would ultimately end up looking after once the novelty wore off. But the one who would move house with me, and snuggle up with me, and make me feel better when I’m feeling down. She is mine. And soon Sasha, my tortishell and white cat, followed to keep her company.
So I’m going to fast forward through the next twelve years …… where Kiara only ever snuggles up with me to sit between Paul and I on the sofa, or she wonders off during the summer and the only time I see her is when she wants food. Not to mention this annoying little habit she has of only ever wanting in or out of the house when we we’re eating… why on earth I haven’t buought a cat flap I will never know….. oh and nicking my brand new fluffy slippers, you know the ankle boots that have been all the rage this past winter, and carrying them around like babies ….and I’m bringing you to only a few weeks ago. 
Kiara couldn’t move her back legs, Paul rushed her to the vets and she had a clot in the main artery of her spine. They managed to sort her out but she’s got a heart condition which means she’s living on borrow time. If it ever happened again… the kindest thing to do would be to let her go.
Yesterday I couldn’t find her. She was hiding in the shelving unit sleeping on my suede knee high boots with the five and a half inch heels, at least someone found them comfortable. She looked up at me, she meowed and then she went to get up, except she could move her back legs. She yelped when I picked her up. And I knew… today was the day she’d get her other eye back. Today was the day she went to kitty heaven.

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